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SS/NS logo based upon artwork by FSD student Roberta Ballantyne, Grand Rapids School, 1995.
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Early Years: Kindergarten to Grade 4


This page is the gateway to Kindergarten - Grade 4 SS/NS resources that can be integrated into the provincial Social Studies curricula. They may consist of material with an Aboriginal focus or relevant new information not available in existing texts. The inclusion of culturally-sensitive materials is based on the belief that affirmation of one's culture and history can promote confidence and self-esteem, and lead ultimately to greater success in life. This is especially critical for Aboriginal students (defined here as Status and Non-Status Indians, Metis, and Inuit) within Frontier School Division.

Thus, one of the SS/NS Department's main roles is the creation/acquisition of materials with an Aboriginal focus. Not only can such materials have a positive impact on Aboriginal students, they can also help non-Aboriginal students become aware of and sensitive to Aboriginal concerns.


  • See the Curricula K - Gr. 4 pages for grade-appropriate student activities/lessons and teachers' guides, including information on quality kindergarten to grade 4 SS/NS resources and websites.
  • The Projects section includes resources currently under development by the SS/NS department.
  • The FSD Resources page has more information about Frontier School Division's Early Years publications. Many are now available online in pdf format.

In addition:

  • Although listed under Grade 11 Canadian History, our Remembrance Day page has information and resources suitable for use at every grade level, including a database of biographies for approximately 400 Canadian WWI soldiers. See also Vimy 2017.
  • Also, be sure to check our new FSD Photo Archive for historical images of northern Manitoba.



Last Updated: June 24, 2014



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