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SS/NS logo based upon artwork by FSD student Roberta Ballantyne, Grand Rapids School, 1995.
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This page is designed primarily for parents, guardians, and others residing in Frontier School Division communities. However, anyone interested in Northern Manitoba heritage and culture will find the Home & Community section appealing.

  • Please see our new Remembrance Day page for information and resources suitable for joint community/school Remembrance Day ceremonies. This includes a database of biographies of approximately 400 Canadian WWI soldiers, including many from Northern Manitoba.
  • Frontier School Division has published numerous books, videos and other materials that chronicle the histories and cultures of Northern Manitoba communities. For more information, check out the FSD Resources page.
  • The section entitled Aboriginal Roots provides useful information on sources for those conducting research on their community or family histories. This section is a particularly invaluable resource to anyone who is interested in finding their Aboriginal Ancestors, providing comprehensive instructions on how to undertake your own research. You'll also find links to genealogical information for families that have already been researched by Raymond Shirritt-Beaumont.
  • For general information, including books, CDROMs, and other media concerning Aboriginal cultures, history, and languages see the Aboriginal Education section.
  • See the SS/NS Policy Manual to learn more about what the SS/NS Department is all about.
  • Check the News section for current SS/NS information and articles relating to social, political and economic issues within FSD and Northern Manitoba communities and Canada generally. Look here for profiles of outstanding Aboriginal Canadians.
  • For current information about specific FSD schools, see the FSD School Links page.
  • For additional information on educational grants, student awards and SS/NS topics that are beyond the scope of this website, try the Other Resources page.

Those interested in their community's history should also check out our unique FSD Photo Archive, which features numerous rare photos of northern Manitoba communities and residents. This is an on-going project and the SS/NS Department appreciates your feedback as well as donations of photos and/or historical background information. See our contact information on our website homepage.


Last updated: July 16, 2010



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