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Photo Archive

A joint project of Library Services and the
Social Studies/ Native Studies Department, Frontier School Division
(Funded in part by the Heritage Grants Programme,
Manitoba Culture, Heritage, and Tourism, 2005)





In the fall of 2005, the Social Studies/Native Studies Department received $5000 from the Heritage Grants Programme, Manitoba Culture, Heritage, and Tourism to aid in the development of a photograph archive relevant to the communities of Frontier School Division. During the winter of 2005-2006, three hundred and sixty five photographs were prepared for distribution throughout Frontier School Division via Library Services in Winnipeg. With the infrastructure in place, we hope to add additional images, including photographs illustrating the history of the school division itself.


Inventory of Photographs

The photographs have been encased in acid-free mylar sleeves for protection and copies are now available on loan through Library Serivces at the Winnipeg Office, Frontier School Division. Please see the Reference Guide for thumbnail images of the photos, which are provided online to assist teachers and students as they look for pertinent images to illustrate lessons and assignments.


Educational Use of these Photographs

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an old adage that contains a good deal of truth. Photographs can be used effectively to complement a narrative and are particularly useful to teachers as an aid to instruction. Although not an exhaustive list, the photographic images that follow may be used to illustrate or illuminate:

  • The geographic features of northern Manitoba
  • Biographies of Northern Manitobans
  • Railway construction and econonmic development
  • The contrast between the old and the new
  • Change, or change over time
  • Community histories
  • Varieties of transportation/communication
  • Aboriginal culture
  • Construction techniques
  • Relationship between people and their environment


How to Order Photographs through Library Services

Teachers and students may borrow relevant photographs from the Photo Archive for up to four weeks for use in the classroom (e.g. to illustrate lessons or for an in-class presentation). Medium resolution digital copies are available from the online Reference Guide. Higher resolution digital images (for printed classroom materials and/or assignments) are available on CD at cost (materials & shipping) by request from the Social Studies/Native Studies Department. For more information on how to borrow photographs from the Photo Archive, contact Library Services at the Division Office in Winnipeg via email or call (204) 775-9741.


Last updated: 18 October 2007

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