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Other Resources

The 31st Annual School Committee Conference was held 13 - 15 February, 2009 at the Canad Inn conference facilities on St. Matthews Ave., Winnipeg, MB. Every year the Frontier School Division Conference committee invites various groups and organizations to showcase educational programs that could meet the needs of our local school communities and their members. Scroll down the list to see what information was provided by the display participants.


  • Health and Wellness:
    • "Kids and Drugs: A Parent's Guide to Prevention" - Published as a joint project of AHS-AADAC and the RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service, this online booklet provides current and reliable information for those parents who want to learn more about how they can prevent their children from using drugs. Although the booklet is designed to support a series of workshops on the topic, it is a useful reference on its own. Contact your local RCMP detachment for more information or to obtain hard copies of the booklet.
    • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) provides prevention and education services to schools in Manitoba and can arrange customized sessions for schools and communities, including an eye-opening Parent Information Evening. Workshop topics include "Adolescent Alcohol & Other Drug Issues", "Motivating Youth Towards Change", "Group Counselling with Adolescents", "Youth and Gambling", "Alternatives for a Healthy Lifestyle" and much more. See their website Media Room page for statistics on adolescent drinking and drug use in Manitoba. For more information, contact Miguel Lécuyer, BSW, Prevention & Education Consultant Youth Community-Based Services.
    • "N-O-T (Not On Tobacco): A Total Health Approach to Helping Teens stop Smoking" - is a smoking cessation program by The Lung Association of Manitoba. Also on their website is information for parents on how to keep their children safe from second-hand smoke, along with tips on how to effectively cut down or quit smoking altogether.

  • Documentary:
    • Muskeg Special - Educational Edition: began as an independent documentary to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of completion of the railway from The Pas to Churchill, Manitoba. During the summer of 1979, film maker Gregory Zbitnew and a crew from the Winnipeg Film Group, recorded images on the Hudson Bay Rail Line and their interviews with interesting people who resided in communities along the way. The Educational Edition, developed in consultation with Frontier School Division's Social Studies/Native Studies Department, was distributed to all schools in Frontier Division during the fall of 2008. This version contains approximately 2 hours of video suitable for young audiences with about 1/2 hour of alternative footage to the 'True North' edition of the DVD. (Frontier School Division is currently preparing a study guide)

  • Economic Development:
    • Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs is committed to working with Aboriginal and Northern Manitobans to help address such issues as housing, health, transportation, employment & training, and economic development under its Northern Development Strategy (NDS). The Local Government Development Division provides support to communities in a number of program areas that include community planning, public works, and infrastructure development, among others. For more information about how Aboriginal Northern Affairs can help improve your community's quality of life through recreation and wellness development, contact consultant Faron Cook.
    • "Open Your Eyes" - Is a four-part DVD documentary featuring Brenda Gaudry of Barrows, Manitoba who talks about the medicinal and other benefits of wild plants of the boreal forest. Produced by Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives, the video titles include: "Nature" (20 mins), "Opportunity" (20 mins), "Your Future" (14 mins), and "The Living Forest" (42 mins).

  • Support Services:
    • "A Guide to Winnipeg for Aboriginal Newcomers" - Published by Partners for Careers and Partners @ 510 Selkirk, this online guide is intended to help all Aboriginal (Status, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit) newcomers to Winnipeg enjoy a smooth and peaceful transition to city life and should be helpful to those Frontier students who must complete their education in the city. The guide includes information on such topics as housing, transportation, shopping and banking, elementary to post-secondary education, family support services, and much more. For additional information or for hard copies of the guide, E-mail Roberta Hewson, Executive Director, Partners @ 510 Selkirk.
    • Manitoba Crime Stoppers has initiated a Student Crime Stoppers Program, which includes a 45 slide power point presentation supported by video clips and other media. Subject matter includes drugs, alcohol, bullying, teen violence, and suicide. For more information E-mail Sgt. Larry Renkas.

  • Post-Secondary Education:

  • Publications:
    • Urban NDN is an Aboriginal-focused newspaper published by Winnipeg Free Press columnist Colleen Simard. Entire issues are available online going back to June 2008.


Last updated: January 10, 2011


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