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SSNS Early Years Wiki
Project Objective: Early years teachers will participate in an ICT project by working collaborately on a lesson re-writing exercise on the internet with
the help of a web2 tool known as the wiki.

Teachers will evaluate the N/K lesson on Storytelling. They will be directed to download and rewrite this specific lesson and make it their own by deleting sections any/or all of the given steps under Lesson Procedure. They are encouraged to add their own ideas, strategies, and student tasks, under each the activate, acquire, apply sections. Teachers will list the materials they will require based upon thier revised lesson. Resources can be expanded by listing other websites blogs, books, cd-roms, videos, that they have found would fit in well with this specific topic. Once they have made these changes, revisions and deletions they are asked to upload and save this lesson. After all the Nursery/Kindergarten recipients have responded with their adaptations to this lesson, a review of all suggestions, ideas, etc. will be conducted by the author of this wiki, which will result in a new posting uploading of the Early Years collaborative version.

Also to be displayed in this wiki will be an Early Years teachers blog where they are free to make comments, state opinions, etc. on the subject of Aboriginal Culture and Heritage programs, lessons, games, for their specific grade levels. They may ask questions of their peers in regards to subjects, resources, etc. Participants will be expected to follow adhere to and follow the

in this wiki will be an information section listed where that teachers can research, learn and expand their knowledge on Web 2 tools, such as blogs, rss, social bookmarks, podcasting, and social network sites, where they can share peer to peer with other teachers on the world wide web. There will only be links and information relevant to this lesson.

A teachers blog where teachers will be asked to share ideas such as:
   - ideas, tips, and resources on the topic of storytelling.
   -  suggestions for lessons prior to, or after, this posted lesson on Storytelling.
   -  how would you adapt this lesson to meet the aptitude and skill levels of the students in your multi-level classroom.

PD for teachers: View and take notes on the subject of web 2 tools. Specifically on wikis, blogs, and freeware software for photo and video uploading platforms like flickr and YouTube.

Videos online:
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Last updated: July 16, 2010



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