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ICT Literacy


Social Studies/Native Studies
Professional Development Sessions
Norway House, MB.
January, 2008


Grade: Nursery/Kindergarten
Subject: Social Studies: Cluster 1: K.1.1 Interests and Abilities
Learning Experience (Objective)
KI-008 Recognize that everyone has unique skills and abilities.
VI-002 Value their unique skills and abilities.
Children will explore how they are similiar to, and different from, other people in terms of physical characteristics such as height and size.

Lesson Procedure:


  • Discuss the students' physical differences and similairities. Tall, taller, tallest.
  • Call students to the front to show to show who is the tallest, smallest, etc.
  • Do a vocabulary lesson before reading the book.
  • Have children explain what they can do with their own skills and abilities. For example, have them complete these sentences:
    • Because I am so tall, I can . . . or
    • Because I am so small, I can . . ., etc.


  • Introduce the story I'll Eat Them All Up! by discussing camping and other wilderness activities.
  • Establish a purpose for listening. (e.g., Listen to find out how the little people saved themselves.)
  • Read the story.
  • Check comprehension by having children retell the story.
  • Have various games/activites to practice the meaning of these words in the story.


  • Have the children retell and/or illustrate their own “I am special because I can . . .” story


Resources: (Materials)

  1. Big Book, I'll Eat Them All Up! written by Raymond-Shirritt Beaummont see the Frontier Library Services.
  2. Powerpoint version of Big Book- I'll Eat Them All Up!
  3. Our Voices. ca Storytelling Unit by Karen H. Myran.




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