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Curricula Kindergarten to Grade 4


The Social Studies/Native Studies Department of Frontier School Division is committed to the creation/acquisition of SS/NS content that is relevant and meaningful to its largely Aboriginal clientele. This is based on the belief that students best learn about their relationship to the world within a context that is culturally sensitive.

To meet its commitment to Aboriginal content, the Department has created learning resources containing original material developed within the division or collected from elsewhere that can be integrated into the existing provincial curricula.

Elementary Resources and Materials:

  1. Exploring My World: Kindergarten Supplementary Native Studies Materials and Teachers' Guide.
  2. K-3 Booklets (Changes, Legends: A Retelling, and Occupations).
  3. Big Books (seven titles).
  4. Social Studies Kindergarten to Grade 8 learning Resources: Annotated Bibliography (March 2007).



1. Exploring My World:
The Kindergarten Guide, Exploring My World, has been designed to supplement the existing Manitoba Social Studies Curriculum Guide for Kindergarten by integrating a Northern and Native component reflecting Aboriginal perspectives of both the past and present. Exploring My World includes a copy of each of the following K-3 booklets.
2. K-3 Booklets:
Changes is a K-3 booklet that illustrates changes over time, such as travel (canoe, dog team, and horses) and housing (tipi, long house, and log home). Lots of archival photos as well as colour illustrations and line drawings by Frontier School Division students!
Legends: A Retelling is a K-3 booklet that uses Aboriginal legends to help explain past history, teach values and beliefs, explain the behavior of humans and animals and much more. This booklet also contains archival photos, line drawings and colour illustrations by Frontier School Division students.
Occupations is a K-3 booklet that illustrates various forms of work, from baker to zookeeper. Features lots of archival photos as well as line drawings and colour illustrations by Frontier School Division students.
3. Big Books:

Achikosis and the Weetigo (1996)
Achikosis is a Cree boy who has a confrontation with a weetigo and saves himself with the help of a Wesakaychak. It is designed to focus children's attention on the differences between needs and wants, a concept that is developed in primary social studies.

Other titles include: Big Jim Makes Some Friends (1994); Clara Sees a Moose (1994); I'll Eat Them All Up (1996); Legend of Wesakaychak and the Loon (1990); and Sydney and the Bear (1994).


For more detailed information regarding these and other elementary years resources, please refer to the Frontier School Division Native Studies Publications page or view our Opens in Adobe Reader 8.0Early Years presentation.



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