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Northern Manitoba News



The news summaries that follow are based on original articles chosen from other media sources and are mostly categorised by community. Cues have been included in each summary to guide the reader in critical analysis of the text. This models the analytical process. By paying attention to these cues, the reader becomes familiar with the kinds of questions that need to be asked when one is trying to determine the value of any text.

Although not exclusively so, the original articles were chosen because they reflect in some way the economic interests of a specific community or region of northern and remote Manitoba. Consequently, summaries tend to be biased along economic lines, and many of the cues provided to aid analysis are phrased from an economic perspective. For instance: What is the relevance of a particular article to the economic development of the north? What impact could it have on the future of northern communities? What impact could it have on my future? How does this article rate with others I have read?





Last updated : May 7, 2010



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