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Churchill News Stories

Churchill is Manitoba’s only port, one that has had its share of challenges over the years. However, circumstances may be changing, as illustrated by the news summaries that have been collected at this site. We have included them here to acquaint teachers and students with local issues and challenges. We hope it will prompt discussion, so that the school and its students can add their voices to discussion about the future of the community. To be able to do this effectively, students need to be critical thinkers, able to sift through information and make sense of it. Therefore, the following news summaries are designed to model critical thinking through analysis. Each article has been reviewed and summarised with the following questions in mind. How informative is it? Does it clarify issues? Does the writer display bias? Are any questions left unanswered? What new information is revealed? How does it add to the topic at hand? Is the reader left hanging?



  • Churchill and Canadian Sovereignty in the North: Churchill’s strategic location has become increasingly important as Canada asserts its territorial claims to the Arctic. Follow the debate to determine the appropriate role for Churchill as Canada turns northward.
    • 5 August 2007: “Once again, Churchill gets left out in cold: Politics will send port elsewhere”
    • 11 August 20: “Snubbing of Churchill outrages Manitoba politicians”
    • 11 August 2007: “Two new sites to back claim Arctic is ours”
    • 3 October 2007: “PM to announce new deal for Churchill?”
    • 4 October 2007: “Churchill’s new life all about friends in high places”
    • 6 October 2007: “$68 million to fix port, rail line”
    • 9 October 2007: “Churchill deserving”
    • 13 October 2007: “Springtime for Churchill"
    • 15 September 2008: “In many more ways than one … The Arctic Heats up”
    • 23 January 2009: “Tories weigh costly Arctic sovereignty plan”
    • 1 March 2009: “Fears grow over military presence in the Far North”
    • 27 July 2009: "Demark to beef up military in Arctic: Latest nation to do so; sparks worries of conflict"
    • 16 August 2009: "No Time to waste in the Arctic"
    • 19 August 2009: "Perfect time for Arctic snow job"

  • Churchill and Western Canadian Grain Transport: The Canadian Wheat Board is the primary marketing agency for Western Canadian farmers, and it has always sent a percentage of its grain sales overseas via the Port of Churchill. That could change, however, if the Conservative government of Steven Harper has its way. Keep abreast of the news to see what impact government decisions could have on Churchill’s future.
    • 22 February 2007: “CWB works for farmers”
    • 26 February 2007: “Churchill helps farmers”
    • 6 November 2007: “Churchill shipments hit three-decade high”
    • 28 November 2007: “Tories to introduce barley bill?”
    • 19 November 2008: “Groups pay to put end to CWB’s monopoly”
    • 21 November 2008: “Report gives wheat board poor marks”
    • 8 December 2008: “Wheat board’s monopoly wins big vote of approval: Elections bolster single desk”
    • 9 January 2009: “Wheat board changes hit snag”
    • 12 February 2009: “CWB gains big returns for farmers; Ritz sour: Minister focuses on loss”
    • 2 June 2009: "Port of Churchill expecting longer season, banner year"
    • 30 October 2009: "Wheat exports big in Churchill"


  • The Russian Connection: Russia is interested in the Port of Churchill as a terminus of its proposed Arctic trade route to connect Russia and Northeast Asia to North American markets. This could mean enormous development possibilities for Churchill and the Hudson Bay Railway. It’s an unfolding story, and we need to think seriously about the implications. Are there opportunities here for future Churchill entrepreneurs?
    • 12 January 2007: “Russia called key to Churchill boom”
    • 18 October 2007: “New day dawns on Churchill”
    • 28 October 2007: “Wrestling over the Arctic - and Antarctic”
    • 28 October 2007: “Protecting Canada's sovereignty - round three”

  • CentrePort Canada is an economic plan to make Winnipeg an inland trade hub connecting Europe and Asia to the heartland of North America. The city is ideally situated geographically for this role via its centralised road, rail, and air transport facilities and links to the Port of Churchill.
    • 20 March 2008: “Trade decisions are wanted soon: Lots of ideas, but little action yet”
    • 25 March 2008: “Port of Churchill bulks up in 2009: OmniTRAX to erect new shipping facility”
    • 12 October 2008: “No ordinary field of dreams: Inland port now exists in law, let’s make it exist in fact”
    • 10 December 2008: “Open-skies agreement bodes well for airport
    • 29 January 2009: “Airport expansion price tag: $672M: Interest payments doable, officials say”
    • 30 January 2009: “New road link first part of plan for global hub”
    • 12 February 2009: “Downturn could help city port: Project could get boost by positioning itself for changing patterns of trade”
    • 15 April 2009: “Inland port gaining steam: Expressway for CentrePort”
    • 25 May 2009: "What's wrong with this plan?"
    • 26 May 2009: "Try Nunavut, Manitoba firms told"
    • 22 June 2009: "Extending hydro grid will be costly: report"
    • 27 June 2009:"Economy about to knock Manitoba down to size"
    • 16 July 2009: "Churchill mission timely"
    • 9 October 2009: "Province, feds give CentrePort $3.5M: Expected to be Canada's first foreign trade zone"
    • 9 November 2010: "Gillam-to-Nunavut road a step closer to reality"
    • 9 November 2010: "Northern transport summit held"


  • Churchill's Transport Challenges: Churchill may be vital to the proposed CentraPort Canada, but neglect of its rail connections to the interior of North America threatens future development. It also makes life difficult local residents.
    • 17 September 2008: “Churchill faces food shortages: Poor rail line causes lengthy service delays”
    • 3 January 2009: “Panicked Churchill shoppers hoard food; Snap up perishables after Via Rail cancels Christmas Day train trip”
    • 10 January 2009: “Frenzy? What Frenzy”
    • 10 January 2009: “Hold the high-fives”
    • 12 January 2009: “Churchill residents blast shortages: Rail, food service called unreliable”


  • Polar Bears: Healthy or Threatened?: Since polar Bears are important to Churchill’s economy, it is important to keep abreast of the controversy over their protection.
    • 24 November 2008: “Polar bears may thin out, but not Churchill tourism”
    • 15 January 2009: “Federal summit on bears invites polar opposites”
    • 16 January 2009: “Polar bear summit allows media in, but not Churchill”
    • 17 January 2009: “Polar bear summit pays respect to Inuit knowledge”
    • 17 February 2009: “Meeting with bear nearly deadly: Overall sightings down at Churchill”
    • 13 June 2009: "Big Chill in Churchill: Winter grips 90 percent of north, migratory birds can't breed"
    • 19 August 2009: "Fluke cold summer helps polar bears: Species still threatened: experts"

  • Other Stories from Churchill: This is where miscellaneous stories from or about Churchill will be included, until a more appropriate category can be determined.
    • 25 March 2007: “Warm weather worries Churchill-bound mushers”
    • 29 July 2007: “Golden day in Churchill”
    • 5 November 2009: "Churchill teacher set for busy day when Olympic torch arrives in town"



Last updated : February 17, 2011


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