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Palmer, Frederick,

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Picture of the party [identified as: R. Yuill, Parsons, Frederick Palmer, Hon. Charles A. Dunning, Gzouski, Buckton, L. Wilson, Col. Dubuc, Major Bell, Duncan W. McLachlan, and General Paterson. Probably July 1927.]
Location: Unknown

Courtesy Library & Archives Canada, E002852785


Frederick Palmer was a reputable British engineer who was commissioned by the Canadian Minister of Railways and Canals (Hon. Charles A. Dunning) to evaluate both Port Nelson and Churchill and report on their respective advantages and disadvantages as ocean ports. Palmer recommended Churchill as the more viable option and criticized the expenditure of six million dollars in the development of Port Nelson as unwise. Palmer's report led to the abandonment of work at Port Nelson and to the construction of Port Churchill as it is known today. For more information, see "Port Nelson and the Hudson Bay Railway" by David Malaher in the Autumn 1984 issue of Manitoba History.