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Dunning, Hon. Charles A.,

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Picture of the party [identified as R. Yuill, Parsons, Frederick Palmer, Hon. Charles A. Dunning, Gzouski, Buckton, L. Wilson, Col. Dubuc, Major Bell, Duncan W. McLachlan, General Paterson. Probably July 1927.]
Location: Unknown
Courtesy Library & Archives Canada, E002852785


Following his appointment as Minister of Railway and Canals in 1926, the Honorable Charles A. Dunning (Saskatchewan) took on the rehabilitation of the Hudson Bay Railway, the construction of which had stalled during WWI. Dunning ordered a new set of overland surveys conducted over the winter of 1926-27. He then commissioned a British engineer with experience in harbour construction, Frederick Palmer, to evaluate which location was the most suitable for an important ocean port, Port Nelson or Churchill. Palmer recommended Churchill, thus leading to the controversial abandonment of Port Nelson, construction of which had been well underway by that point. For more information, see "Port Nelson and the Hudson Bay Railway" by David Malaher in the Autumn 1984 issue of Manitoba History.