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Henry Alexander Nesbitt


Nesbitt, Henry Alexander, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, formerly of Newcastle, England. Occupation: clerk. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. McGill 233, 2nd University Co., PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: : “Chipped in 1 pound each with [H. A.] Nesbitt and ran crown and anchor for a while. Made about 17 F each,” 5:7 Aug 17; “[H.A.] Nesbitt and [H.J.] Arbuckle have gone up to Sains Gobelle [Sains-en-Gohelle] and took the dice with them,” 5:22 Aug ’17; “[H.A.] Nesbitt came up today with a tale of woe that he had gone bust along with Buck,” 5:27 Aug ’17; “[H.A.] Nesbitt has now borrowed in addition to the previous 7 F, 10 F, 5 F and 2 F. Total 99.50 F [?]. Suspect I will never get it,” 5: 24 Sep ’17; “[H.A.] Nesbitt and [H.] Creed hunted a hole for themselves in some old houses nearby,” 5:9 Nov ’17; “[H.A.] Nesbitt jumped in and I was going to handle him right there … Went and fought for about five minutes … police came along and stopped it … Declaration to [H.A.] Nesbitt to stay out of the way,” 6:11 May ’18; “At the top of the hill saw [H. A.] Nesbitt, [A. A.] Bremner and Red [R. W.] Wilson who gave me the news,” 6:7 Aug ’18; “Leslie Hancock was alright also Major McDonald, Barney Todd, [H. A.] Nesbitt, and old [A. A.] Bremner who was on leave,” 7:30 Nov ’18.

According to Hodder-Williams, 279, H. A. Nesbitt survived the war. Henry William Nesbitt, Reg. No. 475273, 4th University Co, Attestation Papersjoined the PPCLI on 7 June 1916 and was killed at Vimy Ridge, 9 April 1917. Consequently, none of the references in Frank’s diary could have referred to him.