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L/Cpl Harold John "Buck" Arbuckle


Arbuckle, Harold John “Buck,” Tweed, Ontario. Occupation: bank clerk. Military Service: Lance Corporal. Reg. No. McGill 4, 2nd University Co., PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Nesbitt and Arbuckle have gone up to Sains Gobelle [Sains-en-Gohelle],” 5:22 Aug ’17; “Nesbitt came up today with a tale of woe that he had gone bust along with Buck [Arbuckle]. Lent him three pounds. Later learnt that Buck [Arbuckle] had two or three hundred left. This looks queer.,” 5:27 Aug ’17. According to Hodder-Williams, Pte. Arbuckle survived the war without injury and was struck off strength 20 March 1919.