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Albert Alex Bremner


Bremner, Albert Alex, Macleod, Alberta, formerly of Dundee, Scotland. Occupation: Hotel Clerk. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 552604, 13th C.M.R., transferred to PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: Diary References: “Went to picture show at Div. cinema tonight with [H.] Creed and [A.A.] Bremner,” 5: 1 Oct ’17; “Spent the evening with [H.] Creed and [A.A.] Bremner, 5:8 Oct ’17; “[A.A.] Bremner and I came down to Steen. to get something to eat,” 5:17 Oct ’17; “Found a dugout with [A.A.] Bremner and Dusty Hoover, “ 6:21 Feb ’18; “Decided to stay along with [A.A.] Bremner,” 6:22 Feb ’18; “[A.A.] Brem. and I are in a hut all to ourselves,” 6:8 Apr ’18; “ … [A. A.] Bremner and Red [R. W.] Wilson who gave me the news,” 6:7 Aug ’18; “Old [A.A.] Bremner … on leave in England,” 7:30 Nov ’18. According to Hodder-Williams, 120, Pte. A. A. Bremner was wounded 9 April 1917 and struck off strength on 11 April 1917. Evidently, he returned and survived the war.