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Hugh Creed


Creed, Hugh, enlisted at Calgary, Alberta, originally from Bruton, Somerset, England. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 51013, 23rd Bn., transferred to PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Went to picture show at Div. cinema tonight with [H.] Creed and [A.A.] Bremner,” 5:1 Oct ’17; “Spent the evening with [H.] Creed and [A.A.] Bremner down at Tingues [Tinques],” 5: 8 Oct ’17; “Pitched tent in the mud. [H.A.] Nesbitt and [H.] Creed hunted a hole for themselves in some old houses nearby,” 5:9 Nov ’17; “Tubby Shaw, [J. L.] McEwan, Badger, [H.] Creed, [A.] Monty (42nd) wounded. [J. L.] Davidson who took my place was wounded,” 6:8 Aug ’18; “Hugh [Creed] down at Arpington, Kent. Ward 8. Went down in afternoon … [H.] Creed was looking pretty well but one leg was gone just below the crotch, the other had a huge piece of shrapnel just below the femur and in the knee,” 7:18 Dec ’18.

Additional Biographical Information:

Like Frank, Hugh Creed was an English immigrant farmer to Canada, who had enlisted in his mid-twenties at Calgary on 3 November 1914. He survived the war, although he lost one of his legs and severely damaged the other from wounds that occurred on 8 August 1918, the first day of the Battle of Amiens.