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Heritage Fairs 5 - 8

"The Heritage Fair is a multi-media education program developed to increase the awareness of and interest in Canadian Hisotry. The Heritage Fair is an event that actively involves Canada's young people, schools, business and community organizations in a contemporary celebration of Canada's shared traditions and history." (The Heritage Fair Manual: A teachers' Guide to Running a Heritage Fair. Historica: September 2004)

For more information regarding Historica Heritage Fairs, see CanadasHistory.ca. See also the following related reviews and reports:

  • Cranberry Portage Heritage Fair, 20 April 2004
    Raymond Shirritt-Beaumont attended the heritage fair in Cranberry Portage in April 2004. He found it "a wonderful event that was a combination of excellent staff organisation, student achievement, and community good will … just what a heritage fair should be." Click here to read his review.

  • National Historica Fair, Saskatoon, 15 July 2005
    Joel Chartrand, a student of Waterhen School, was among the Manitoba delegation of 14 students selected to participate in the 11th Annual National Historica Fair in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Click here to read an article about Joel's experience published in the Dauphin Herald.

  • Histor!ca Teachers' Institute, University of Winnipeg, 4 - 10 July 2005
    This summer teacher Scott Miller, Gillam School, had the opportunity to attend the Histor!ca Teachers' Institute at the University of Winnipeg. He calls it "the best in-service I have attended, bar none." Click here to read Scott's review.




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