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Global Warming Sceptics

Global Warming is a Natural Phenomenon


To begin your research, Take the Global Warming Test or Climate Change Quiz, to check your climate knowledge and discover the reasons why many scientists are sceptical about global warming alarmism.

For further data on the case against anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming (AGW), take a look at the suggested Internet resources below. Most are regularly updated, so check often for the latest information.

  1. ClimateGate II: The Latest Developments in the Global Warming Scandal Revealed

    On 22 November 2011, new emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU), University of East Anglia, were released to the Internet, evidently to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban. For an overview of the implications, see:

    A Sequel as Ugly as the Original by Steven Hayward, The Weekly Standard, 3 Decemeber 2011.

    Background Information: In November 2009, leaked documents from the Climate Research Unit (CRU), University of East Anglia, revealed damning evidence that some of the lead scientists promoting global warming alarmism had deliberately altered, destroyed, and/or withheld data relevant to the investigation of global climate trends. For additional information, see the following:

    The Evidence of Climate Fraud was written by Marc Sheppard, 21 November 2009, shortly after the CRU documents became public. Sheppard is a technology consultant, software engineer, writer, and political and systems analyst. For more his more recent articles on this topic, see Marc Sheppard Archives.

    Canada’s Rex Murphy on Climategate. When Rex Murphy speaks; Canadians listen. His assessment of Climategate is an excellent summary of the implications of the leaked documents.

    Climate Gate: Caught Green-Handed or “Cold Facts about the Hot Topic of Global Temperature Change after the Climategate Scandal” by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley is a scathing indictment of Global Warming Alarmism.

  2. CO2 Science has an excellent series of video vignettes at Copenhagen Climate Concerns that provide a good summary of the main issues surrounding global warming alarmism at the end of 2009.

    For updates about goings-on in Climate Science politics, see Science & Public Policy Institute (SPPI) Blog.

  3. Five Films that Challenge Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)
    • Green House Conspiracy (1990) is still relevant, even though it was made nearly twenty years ago. Its science focus makes it ideal for comparison with Doomsday Called Off (2005). Question: Did the case for global warming catastrophe become stronger or weaker in the 15 year interval between the two films?

    • Climate Catastrophe Cancelled (2004) is a Canadian film by Friends of Science containing scientific evidence that climate change is the result of natural phenomena over which Man has no control.

    • Doomsday Called Off (2005) is an informative Danish film that focuses on the scientific evidence against AGW. Compare it with Green House Conspiracy (1990).

    • The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007) aired in Great Britain at the beginning of March 2007. Critics angered by its attack on AGW were quick to point out errors. The British TV station that originally broadcast the film appeared (Sept. 2007) to temper its support for the film, apparently based in part on research by Mike Lockwood and Claus Froehlich. (For the debate over that research, go here).Filmmaker Martin Durkin, still unrepentant, responded to his critics. A updated DVD of Durkin's The Great Global Warming Swindle, with new information and scientific errors removed, can be purchased from WAGTV.com.

    • The Cloud Mystery (2008) This is a film not to be missed! It is a Danish production created by Mortensen Film that provides the general public with a clear and up-to-date overview of a new climate theory challenging the notion that global warming [which appears to have ended in 1998] is caused by Man. Also, with a decided focus on the scientific process that led to this new theory, the film makers provide a refreshing relief from the political rhetoric associated with many films on global warming.

      Based on the joint work of scientist Henrik Svenmark, Danish National Space Centre, astrophysicist Nir Shaviv, Racah Institute, Jerusalem, and geologist Ján Veizer, University of Ottawa, the film provides a synopsis of a new climate theory that links recent global warming to an active sun. In essence, the hypothesis is as follows. Increases in the sun’s activity reduce the impact of cosmic rays striking the earth from space. Since cosmic rays influence the formation of clouds on the earth’s surface, reduction of one results in reduction of the other. Consequently, earth’s cloud cover decreases, and its temperature rises.

  4. Ponder the Maunder” is a high school research paper written by Kristen Byrnes that identifies the Sun as the main force in global warming. See Global Warming Hoax: Where only the Truth Heats Up for other papers by Byrnes, including a point by point critique of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth. This was written in response to the many emails she received from parents whose children had to watch An Inconvenient Truth at their schools.

  5. The Website of JoNova is maintained by skeptic Australian Science commentator Joanne Nova. Written in clear, unequivocal language, it provides regular updates on the science and politics of Climate Change in Australia and elsewhere. The Skeptic’s Handbook and Skeptic’s Handbook II, by Nova, are clear, well-organised, and sensible rebuttals to the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming that even non-scientists can understand. They are a must for skeptics everywhere.

  6. Friends of Science are a group of Canadian scientists, who are global warming sceptics. See their website for up-to-date information on the debate.

  7. The Centre for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change is another sceptical site that publishes weekly reports on the science. To find out more about the website’s mission statement and perspective, click on the menu bar “About Us” and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Mission Statement” and read it, then click on “Position Papers” and read additional information on the site’s perspective. To find out more about how the site can be used educationally, click “Educational Center” on the menu bar, then go to “Experiments” for activities that students can use to better understand the function of CO2 in the ecosystem. “Book Reviews” evaluates current books on global warming. “Dictionary” is the place to go to find out the meaning of terms used on the site. This site is civil and focused on science. The articles appear to be written in lay language, making it an accessible resource for teachers as well as students.

  8. Icecap is a website that reflects a growing disbelief among scientists and concerned citizens in the United States and elsewhere that computer models can accurately forecast our climate’s future or that carbon dioxide is the chief cause of climate change. It provides up-to-date and informed coverage of the latest scientific discoveries that are challenging alarmists like Al Gore, James Hansen, and David Suzuki.

  9. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition’sCommon Sense about Climate Change” is an excellent source for sceptical articles about global warming from the other side of the globe.

  10. The Website of Ross McKitrick is especially valuable because it lists his recommended sites for information on both sides of the climate debate. McKitrick, a Canadian professor of economics from the University of Guelph and Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit successfully challenged the methodology of Michael Mann, whose research suggested that temperatures have been rising (the hockey stick curve) at phenomenal rates in recent years.[For more information on how the hockey stick theory of global warming was discredited go to FriendsofScience.org.]

  11. The Website of Anthony Watts is one of the most active science blogs on the Internet. It contains the latest news updates regarding Climategate and related climate science controversy. Watts is well known for leading the survey of United States weather stations that proved they are located in less-than-ideal circumstances for accurate temperature recording.

  12. Climate Depot is another active source of information on Climate Science politics that is regularly updated.

  13. The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has an informative website that is updated regularly. Take note of the “Must Read Sites” to which it is linked.



Last updated: June 5, 2015


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