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The Debate Regarding Lockwood's & Froehlich's Global Warming Research


The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007) aired in Great Britain at the beginning of March 2007. Critics angered by its attack on AGW were quick to point out errors. The British TV station that originally broadcast the film appears (Sept. 2007) to have tempered its support for the film, apparently based in part on research by Mike Lockwood and Claus Froehlich.

See the BBC's website for a summary of the Lockwood/Froehlich argument.

For rebuttals, see a post on 23 July 2007 by Joseph D’Aleo, “Shining More Light on the Solar Factory – A critical Review of the Lockwood and Frolich Paper,” at Icecap and 16 August 2007 by Ken Gregory “A Critique of the Lochwood/Frohlich Paper in the Royal Society Proceedings” at the Science & Public Policy Institute or at Friends of Science.

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