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McCormick, Babs,

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Roy Brown with the Queen and her 3 princesses from the Old Dog Derby, The Pas, 1929. [women (l to r) Marion Douglas (The Pas), Alfreda Schell (Nipiwin), Babs McCormick (The Queen - Flin Flon), Pat Taylor (The Pas)]
Location: The Pas, Manitoba

Courtesy Library & Archives Canada, PA102355


Babs McCormick was the first outsider elected queen of the annual Dog Derby in The Pas in 1929.

A very humorous account of the partnership between the communities of Cranberry Portage and Flin Flon, whose efforts ensured Babs McCormick's election as queen of the 1929 Dog Derby Carnival can be found in Cranberry Portage: Frontier Life at the Crossroads of the North (J.J. Douglas Ltd., Vancouver, 1970) by Ruth and Jack Paterson.