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Bradwin, Dr.Edmund W.,

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(l to r) Dr. Bradwin, F.O. Whishart, Jack Denoon, Gordon Richardson, H.B.R. July 1928
Location: Unknown

Courtesy Library & Archives Canada, E004665597

#306 #306
Dr. Bradwin
Location: Unknown

Courtesy Library & Archives Canada, E004665624


Dr. Edmund W. Bradwin began his career with Frontier College as a labourer-teacher. His book Bunkhouse Man: a Study of Work and Pay in the Camps of Canada, 1903-1914 was published by Columbia University Press in 1928 and re-issued in 1972 by the University of Toronto Press.

Bradwin assumed the principalship of Frontier College in 1932. See the Frontier College website for more information.