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Thomas Gilbert Girvan Ellis


Ellis, Thomas Gilbert Girvan, Montreal, Quebec, formerly of Accrington, Lancashire, England. Occupation: clerk. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. McGill 171, 2nd University Co., PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Three of us, [T.G.G.] Ellis, [E.W.] Howes and myself seem to have permanently established in a listening post about 25 yards from the Germans,” 2:4 Oct ’15; “Taking [T.G.G.] Ellis in town to keep him out of mischief,” 2:20 Feb ’16; “told to report at once to paymaster before going on pass. [T.G.G.] Ellis, [F. T.] Mabson, [D.E.M.] Donnelly and myself,” 2:25 Mar ’16; “Left [T.G.G.] Ellis at Peel House.,” 2:26 Mar ’16; “[T.G.G.] Ellis and I visited Westminster in the morning and the Victoria and Albert Museum in the afternoon,” 2:29 Mar ’16; “[T.G.G.] Ellis beat it off with [D.E.M.] Donnelly,” 2:1 Apr ’16; “Only saw Crofts. [F.T.] Mabson, [D.E.M.] Donnelly and [T.G.G.] Ellis have not yet appeared,” 2:4 Apr ’16; 2:11 Apr ’16; “[T.G.G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison, [D.E.M.] Donnelly and I all sleep together in a drain,” “Out on pumping fatigue with [T.G.G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison and [F.] Loco,” 2:16 Apr ’16; “[T.G.G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison,…[Bill] Milne and Dunc Gay wounded.,” 2:3 Jun ’16; “Wrote to Harry [Beaumont] and [T.G.G.] Ellis,” 3:19 Jun ’16; “Word came through that [T.G.G.] Ellis had died of wounds [21 Jun ‘16] in Boulogne hospital. Wrote to his mother,” 3:24 Jun ’16; “Also letters from Mrs. Swift (acknowledging letter re G.G. Ellis), Harry B[eaumont] and mother,” 3: 4 Aug ’16. It is plausible that all of the references in Frank’s diary, except the reference to Dick Ellis, apply to T. G. G. Ellis, who died as a result of wounds sustained at Sanctuary Wood and to whose mother Frank wrote. Nevertheless, some of the references may refer to G. C. Ellis and to R. W. Ellis. Research in their personnel files may resolve this issue.

Date of Death: 21 June 1916. See casualty details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Buried at the Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Pas de Calais, France. Grave Reference: VIII.B.106.


Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Pas de Calais, France.


Boulogne Eastern Cemetery