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Sgt Frank Tildesley Mabson


Mabson, Frank Tildesley, Toronto, Ontario, formerly of London, England. Occupation: student. Medals/Honours: Military Medal (MM). Military Service: Private, Lance Sergeant, Lieutenant, MM, Reg. No. McGill 186, 2nd University Co., PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “ … going on pass. [T.G.G.] Ellis, [F.T.] Mabson, [D.E.M.] Donnelly and myself,” 2:25 Mar ’16; “[F.T.] Mabson, [D.E.M.] Donnelly and [T.G.G.] Ellis have not yet appeared,” 2:4 Apr ’16; “Walked down to Brand Nock [Brandhoek] with [F.T.] Mabson and [M.L.] Hancock,” 3:2 Jul ’16; “For a while on patrol with [F.T.] Mabson and [F.] Loco between our trench and the left of the 23rd. who are at the cross road north of Courcelette.,” 3:16 Sep ’16; “Casualties … [F.T.] Mabson,” 3:17 Sep ’16; “F. Mabson, [F.] Gillingham wounded from our old platoon,” 4:10 Apr ’17; “Shortly after getting back to Charing + [Cross] met [F.T] Mabson. He is Y.M.C.A. officer at Engineering Bureau, Charing + [Cross] station,” 7:18 Dec ’18. According to Hodder-Williams, 2441,L/Sgt. Mabson was wounded 15 September 1916 and 9 April 1917. He was struck off strength on 14 April 1917. As indicated in Frank’s diary, he became a lieutenant with the Y.M.C.A.

Additional Biographical Information

Frank Tildesley Mabson, who was in No. 2 Company with Frank Whiting, enlisted on 8 June 1915 in Toronto. As noted on 22 May 1917 in the PPCLI War Diary, Sgt. F. T. Mabson received the Military Medal, after the Battle of Vimy Ridge.