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Pte. Harold Ellison


Ellison, Pte. Harold, Tottenham, Ontario. Occupation: teacher. Military Service: Private. Reg. No. 475836, 3rd University Co, PPCLI Attestation Papers. Diary References: "Dined downtown with [H.] Ellison," 2:17 Jan ’16; "Pay parade this morning. Dined again with [H.] Ellison," 2:18 Jan ’16; "... Sandbags on both sides. Dugouts good. Am with [A.] Giles and [H.] Ellison," 2:7 Feb ’16; "Went back to line. In supports – S.P. 10. In with [A.] Giles and [H.] Ellison again," 2:15 Feb ’16; "Bad place. Trenches blown up. No dugouts. [T.G.G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison, [D.E.] Donnelly and I all sleep together in a drain," 2:11 Apr ’16; "Out on pumping fatigue with [T.G. G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison and [F.] Loco," 2:16 Apr ’16; "Curtain fire slackened over field. [T.G.G.] Ellis, [H.] Ellison, … [Bill] Milne and Dunc Gay wounded," 2:3 Jun ’16; "[H.] Ellison is working close to our billets on Div. cement works," 5:2 Aug ’17; "Among the few remaining that I knew personally only [H.] Ellison, Freddie Hall (who by the way now sports a Military Medal) and Ham Stevens remain. [F.] Loco, Samorson[?] and about everyone else I know were wounded," 5:1 Nov ’17.