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Percival Edgar Hedley


Hedley, Percival Edgar, Oak River, Manitoba, Class of ’19 (B.S.A.). Military Service: Cadet, Reg. No. 910113, 196th Univ. Bn. Attestation Papers.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, Percy E. Hedley, 196th Univ. Batt.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 8.

Percy E. Hedley
France, Feb. 9th, 1918
Well, Andrews, I suppose you are keeping up the reputation of old ’19-class this year as usual. I see you are editor-in-chief of the college paper this winter. You will have a lot of work in connection with your position. Have just received the December issue of the Managra and was glad to get it. Also received the November issue and we certainly found it interesting reading. Must thank the college of Agri. Boys in our battalion. So you can imagine how much we enjoy reading very much for remembering us when the issue of the college paper comes out. There are still quite a number of Agri. Boys in our battalion. So you can imagine how much we enjoy reading the doings and happenings of the old place.

Just this week we had a very enjoyable evening and incidentally a feed. Not a feed like what we have had inside the college dining hall at times, but the best circumstances would allow. It was a re-union of the old 196th boys; at least as many as possible that we could muster and were temporarily on rest. I think it was the larger number of those of the old battalion now in France. Seventy big, healthy fellows with a good appetite were present. Most of them were 1st C.M.R.s. but there were a fair number of other units represented as well. Of that number quite a few were old time platoons.” Lieut. Hudson, Lieut. [Doug] Smith, of 43rd Batt., J. C.[A.] Mitchell, Hepworth, Holmes, Tingley, Thompson, Higham, Jones and Corporal McPhail. Besides these, two of the platoon still in the battalion were not able to attend. They were Andrews and Cummings [Cumming].

After the feed a few speeches were made by the officers of whom there were five. Captain Oliver, the chaplain, who is now in charge of the civilian training in our division, Lieut. McKenzie, Lieut. Martin, of the 2st C.M.R.’s besides the two of the old platoon who were before mentioned. Hudson, flight lieutenant, as usual, gave an interesting talk, mostly about aeroplanes, and finished by hoping to carry on flying when he gets back to Canada. I think that remark of his will make the girls hope that day comes soon. Smithy, of course, delivered a speech like himself, short and witty. The evening ended with the usual Auld Lang Syne and the wish of everybody that the next re-union would be in Canada before long.

Well I hope you and the rest of the boys of the year success. When addressing the next Managra, a slight change may bring it across soon:
Pte. Percy E. Hedley, 910113
1st C.M.R.’s, C Co’y, France.
Thanking the management of the Managra for having the paper sent out, and wishing them ever success,
I remain
Yours sincerely
Percy Hedley

University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 5 (Mar. 1918), 60-61.