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Hugh Morris McPhail


H.M. McPhail, Managra Staff, 1918-19.


McPhail, Hugh, Morris, Manitoba, Class of ’20 (B.S.A.) Military Service: Cadet, Reg. No. 910030, 196th Univ. Bn., Borden’s Battery, M.G. Section Attestation Papers.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, Hugh McPhail, 910030, Borden’s Battery, M.G. Section.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 9.

Hugh McPhail is one of the ’19 class who quickly became popular even with the boys. He had an enviable reputation on the field of sport and when he signed up, the same reputation was created in the army. We all know that it takes a good deal to secure for one a reputation, but when two are attached to the same man something worth while must be in the background. Such was the case with Hugh McPhail. Hugh went overseas with the 196th Battalion transferred to the 1st C.M.R.s and saw service in the machine gun section. Later he transferred to the R.A.F. and when the war stopped he was a cadet in that unit. He visited college a week before the reunion and was much in evidence the night the “Old Boys” came together. Reunions are always worth much to the student life of a college but when we find our classmates back after they have been away for almost three years it is indeed an occasion of moment. And this is not all of the best of it because Hugh expressed his intention to finish his college course. And this is truly worth while.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XII, No. 2 (Feb. 1919), 27-28.