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Edmund Henry Oliver


Oliver, Edmund Henry, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Occupation: Principal of a Theological College. Military Service, Chaplain, Honorary Captain, 196th Overseas Bn. Attestation Papers. Diary References, “Big mail. Four of five from home … one from [Capt. E.H.] Oliver re the instructors job. Wants to see me,” 6:11 Dec ’17; “Was talking to a Y.M.C.A. captain who told me Capt. [E.H.] Oliver is in Les Brebis. Will try to get to see him within the next two or three days. Heard Charlie Little is an instructor in agriculture with this new college movement,” 6:18 Jan ’18; “Looked up Capt. [E.H.] Oliver re instructorship. He has only just started the scheme and so far has not the authority to demand my transfer,” 6: 19 Jan ’18.

Additional Biographical Information:

Rev. Edmund Henry Oliver was the former principal of the Presbyterian Theological College in Saskatoon and Chaplain in the 4th Canadian Division. He became involved in the Khaki University movement and was head of the University of Vimy Ridge (UVR), which was looking for instructors, when Frank made contact with him. For more information on the history of this educational programme in the Canadian Armed Forces, see Wikipedia Khaki University.