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Welcome to the website of the Social Studies/Native Studies (SS/NS) Department, Frontier School Division (FSD). It is an educational resource that has been created especially for students, teachers, parents, and communities within our divisional boundaries. However, we hope that its contents will also appeal to people elsewhere who are interested in aboriginal issues and Canadian history generally or in the history, culture, and economic development of Northern Manitoba in particular.

Online learning is increasingly the norm in this country, a fact that is underscored in a recent Statistics Canada report. Reflective of this trend, we have devoted considerable time to the site's organization or architecture, so that it is as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If you have comments on its structure and contents, please contact us by email.

The pdf icon SS/NS Department brochure gives an overview of the work carried on by the SS/NS Department of Frontier School Division.

The pdf icon SS/NS Policy Manual describes the SS/NS priorities of Frontier School Division in terms of its mission statement and divisional and provincial directives. These priorities are further broken down into five major goals and outcomes to be accomplished by the collective action of divisional personnel. The roles and responsibilities of the various stake holders within the division (school board members, area advisory and school committees, superintendents, principals, teachers, library specialists, and consultants) are outlined in some detail as an additional support.

The results and analyses of divisional SS/NS surveys can be found in FSD SS/NS Surveys. A survey is conducted every two years by the SS/NS Department to assess the effectiveness of SS/NS initiatives within Frontier School Division. The survey is completed by each school in the division and returned for analysis to the SS/NS Department. Once completed, the results are circulated and discussed within the division prior to publication on this website.

See FSD Resources for SS/NS publications created by Frontier School Division.


Last updated : 21 May 2008



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