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Evidently, there is a need to inform teachers, students, and parents about appropriate rules of conduct for communicating on the Internet. Someone out there coined the word "netiquette" to describe Network Etiquette, and it seems appropriate. We have tried to keep the information brief and to the point, and provided links to more detailed information on the topic for those interested in greater depth.

Guidelines for Teachers:

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Guidelines for Students:

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Guidelines for Parents:

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Outside Links for Further Information:

  1. For everything you need to know about E-mail etiquette, go to Judith Kallos's website.
  2. For information on identifying and responding to hoaxes, go to Wired Safety.org

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Digital Citizenship General Information:

  1. Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century by Mike Ribble.
  2. Teaching Digital Citizenship Reflection: A Four-Stage Technology Learning Framework by Mike Ribble & Gerald Bailey.
  3. Do Students Need a Technology Driver's License? By Ribble & Baile.
  4. Do Elementary Students Need a Technology Driver's License? By Ribble & Bailey.

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Last updated : 17 July 2007



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