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Henry Herbert "Herb" Blackhall


Blackhall, Henry Herbert, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Class of ’18 (B.S.A.). Military Service: Cadet, Reg. No. 187520, 90th Canadian Infantry Bn. (Winnipeg Rifles), Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Interclass debate. First and second years. We lost. [J. H.] Ellis and [H. H.] Blackhall against [W. E.] Bacon and [N. E.] Chapman on theirs,” 1:28 Jan ‘15; “… dear old “Daw-person” is dead and that Blackhall is out again,” 5:12 Jun. ‘17.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, R. M. Blackhall, 187520, 21st Can. Reserve Bn. Signal Section.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 7.

Herb Blackhall, ’18, was another of the boys to reappear after some years’ absence. Herb went overseas with the 90th Battalion, was wounded when a stretcher bearer, and later transferred to the R.A.F. He returned as a cadet and seems to have changed but very little. Blackhall renewed many of his acquaintanceships at the reunion and dance and we certainly enjoyed meeting him again. He is thinking of going on a farm and when he has settled down that far he may settle the advisability of continuing his course.
Managra, v. XII, No. 2, Feb 1919, p. 28.