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Joseph Henry "Joe" Ellis


Ellis, Joseph Henry, Glenboro, Manitoba, B.S.A. (1918). Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 2380093, 1st Bn., Manitoba Regiment, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “[W. J.] Parker, President of Union Lit. Society, [J. H.] Ellis, secretary,” 1:3 Nov ’14, “Interclass debate. First and second years. We lost. [J. H.] Ellis and [H. H.] Blackhall against [W. E.] Bacon and [N. E.] Chapman on theirs,” 1:28 [27] Jan ‘15; “Jack Hamilton, [J. H.] Ellis, Hird Storey, Fred Forsythe and myself sat up and talked until 1 o’clock,” 1:18 Feb ’15.

Additional Biographical Information:

Joseph H. Ellis was the Governor-General’s Medallist for 2nd Year in the winter of 1914-1915. He remained in school after Frank enlisted in the army and graduated with a B.S.A. in 1918.

Joe Ellis was working as a “field experimentalist” at the M.A.C., when he was drafted into the armed forces in November 1917 under the Military Service Act.

Joseph Henry Ellis
“That man is a benefactor who can make two blades of grass grow where but one grew before.” Joe first saw the light in Warwickshire county, England, some two decades ago, leaving his native land at the age of seventeen, coming to Canada to find himself one of those notorious greenhorns working on a farm at Glenboro, Man.

As manhood approached, Joe had a vision of higher things. He went to the Brandon Experimental Farm to carry on experimental work (but we have often wondered which institution he was in at Brandon). After one year at Brandon, ambition again took to wing, with the result that Joe flew into our midst in the fall of 1913.

During the five years he has lived with us, he has never swerved from the straight and narrow path (to the best of our knowledge). Joe has always shown a great attraction for jewelry, carrying off the Governor General’s medal in his second year and again leading his class in his third and fourth year, but by various symptoms shown by him I am inclined to think Joe will be buying some jewelry soon.

Nevertheless, Joe is a friend to all who know him, and the sincerest wishes of the ’18 class follow him along the rugged pathways of life. May he spend the rest of his days looking up and may all his troubles be little ones.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 5 (Mar. 1918), 24.

Joseph Henry Ellis, B.S.A. was a lecturer in Field Husbandry at the Manitoba Agriucltural College.
Manitoba Agricultural College, Calendar 1921-1922, 6.