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Arthur Nicholls


Nicholls, Arthur, attested at Halifax, Nova Scotia, born London, England. Occupation: Soldier. Military Service: Lance Corporal, Reg. No. 9777, Captain, Reg. No. 477671, Royal Canadian Regiment. Attestation Papers. Diary References: “This morning after obtaining permission from Lt. [A] Nichols [Nicholls] I took a horse and went down to Villers au Bois,”5:24 May ‘17; “I understand this work is for the Imperials and is volunteered for by our beloved O. C. [A] Nichols [Nicholls],” 5:29 Aug ’17. Although Capt. R.W. Nichols was initially identified as the officer named in Frank Whiting's diary, subsequent research confirmed it was Lt. A. Nicholls.

Additional Biographical Information

Captain Arthur Nicholls was in the Royal Field Artillery of the British Army before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR), one of the oldest infantry battalions in Canada. After serving on garrison duty in Bermuda from September 1914 to August 1915, the regiment returned to Halifax in preparation for overseas duty in Europe. Arriving in France in October 1915, the RCR joined the P.P.C.L.I., the 42nd, and 49th Canadian Infantry Battalions in the 7th Brigade of the newly-formed 3rd Canadian Division. Go here and here for additional information on the Royal Canadian Regiment.

19 November 1914: Reg. No. 9777, Rank: Lance Corporal, Arthur Nicholls, Previous Service: B. A. [British Army], Next of Kin: not known, Address of next of kin: not known, Place of Birth: England; Place and Date of Attestation: Halifax, 14 June 1913. Nominal Roll of the Royal Canadian Regiment (Serving in Bermuda), corrected to 19 November 1914, Bob Richardson Collection, 17.

5 November 1917: Report by Lieutenant A. Nicholls, Cmdg. 3rd Cdn. Divl. Pack Train. War Diary of the 3rd Canadian Division, Administrative Branches of the Staff, October 1917, Appendix B, p. 52.