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Francis Cleve Ramsden


Ramsden, Francis Cleve, Mount Albert, Ontario. Occupation: teacher. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. McGill 142, 2 University Co., PPCLI, Lieutenant, 208th Bn., Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “On guard all day. Ten casualties. [F.C.] Ramsden wounded,” [See also note] 2:21 Jan ’16. Hodder-Williams, 299, adds that Ramsden was struck off strength on 15 February 1916 and subsequently served as a lieutenant in the 208th Bn.

Additional Biographical Information:

Francis Cleve Ramsden was a teacher from Mount Albert, Ontario, who had enlisted with the 2nd University Company in June 1915. According to the War Diary of the PPCLI, 21 January 1916, Pte. F. C. Ramsden (McGill 142) was wounded by a rifle grenade. The war diary also recorded that Pte. Kelly was killed that day when a bomb accidentally exploded and Pte. O’Keefe, wounded in the same explosion, died on January 23.