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Wilson Ellis Dunton


Dunton, Wilson Ellis, Montreal Quebec. Occupation: Student at McGill. Military Service: Lieutenant, 1st University Co., PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “A young officer named W. E. Dunton, who was going into the trenches at the same time as Frank also had to be sent back to the transport lines because of illness,” Note, 3:6 August ’16.

Additional Biographical Information:

8 August 1917: Lt.-Col. Agar Adamson, Zillebeke Bund wrote, “One of our officers has been missing for four days. On the way up to the trenches he became actively sick and I sent him back to the transport lines which he reached safely and started off the next day to join us. Nothing has been heard of him and no trace of him at the different casualty clearing stations. He came alone, which is quite contrary to orders. He was only 18 years old and not very strong. His name is Dunton. Letters of Agar Adamson 1914 to 1919, 205.

20 August 1916: “Lieut. Dunton reported at Transport Lines and was sent to hospital as a mental case.” War Diary, PPCLI, 20 August 1916.

21 August 1916: “Dunton, our missing officer has turned up in a demented condition and can give no account of himself. He had no hat, and was in a filthy condition, very wet and could not remember where he had been sleeping and feeding. He has been evacuated.” Letters of Agar Adamson 1914 to 1919, 211.