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William Thomas Tate


Tate, William Thomas, Seagrove, Ontario, born Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Pte., Reg. No. 745494, 116th Bn., Attestation Papers . Possible Diary Reference: “This morning we had several casualties. Young Tate among them of the 116th. New officer. Seems to have a little horse sense. Heard later he used to be a private, which explains it,” 5: 27 Oct ’17.

Additional Biographical Information:

24 July 1916: Reg. No. 745494, Pte. William Thomas Tate, born in Canada, no previous military service, next-of-kin: Mrs. Margaret Ann Tate [mother], Seagrove, Ontario, born in Canada, enlisted at Niagara-on-the-Lake, 10 July 1916. Nominal Roll of 116 Bn., Bob Richardson Collection, p. 18. Pte. Tate went overseas with the 116th Bn. aboard the SS Olympic on 24 July 1916 from Halifax, Nova Scotia.