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Elmer Strate


Strate, Elmer, Cloverley, Saskatchewan. Medals/Honours: Military Medal (MM). Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Private, Sergeant, Reg. No. 925626, Saskatchewan Regiment, 5th Bn. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “Bending over I recognized him as Sergeant Strate (925626) of the 5th Batt. Canadians. With some difficulty the three of us managed to carry him into the Stretcher Bearer’s billet where we laid him on the stone floor … He died about three o’clock in the morning,” 6:13 Sep ’18.

Additional Biographical Information

Sgt. Elmer Strate was a young farmer from Cloverley, Saskatchewan, although he had been born in Minnesota. He enlisted at Weyburn in April 1916 when he was only nineteen years of age and was just 21 when his tragic death occurred just weeks before the end of the war.

Date of Death: 13 September 1918. See casualty details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Buried at Conde-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery, Conde-sur-l’Escaut, Nord, France. Grave Reference: B.1.


Conde-Sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery, Conde-sur-l'Escaut, Nord, France.


Conde-Sur-L'Escaut Communal Cemetery