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Montie Joseph Robb


Robb, Montie Joseph, Winnipeg, Manitoba, formerly of Warren, Ohio. Military Medal. Occupation: Conductor. Military Service: Lieutenant, Reg. No. 261134, 212th Bn. transferred to PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “No barrage, so advanced up the trench without it, an officer named [Lt. A. J.] Robins [Lt. M. J. Robb] in charge. As fast as we advanced up trench Germans withdrew leaving all equipment and rifles, also machine guns,” 6:27 Aug ’18.  

Additional Biographical Information:

Lieut. T. T. Lownbrough M.C. and M. J. Robb struck off strength (31.3.18). PPCLI War Diary 1-6 April 1918.

19 August 1918: “Lieuts R. Cumming & H. G. [sic] Robb join in 19th & Lieut H. S. Partridge on 11.8.18. PPCLI War Diary, 18-19 August 1918. There was no H. G. Robb in the PPCLI; therefore, this is an error and must refer to Lt. M. J. Robb.”

27 August 1918: “Two parties of fourteen men each, one under Lieuts. Barclay and Ogilvie and one under Lieut Robb bombed along these trenches. Lieut. Robb’s party succeeded in advancing along the trench for a distance of 900 yards, meeting with considerable opposition … As large number of the enemy were met with and as the supply of bombs was very short and machine guns from both flanks were firing on his party, Lieut Robb was forced to withdraw, which he did with very few casualties.” PPCLI War Diary, Appendix 2, August 1918.