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Hugh Wilderskin Niven


Niven, Hugh Wilderskin, originally of London, Ontario. Medals/Honours: Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O) and Bar, Military Cross (MC), three times Mentioned in Dispatches (MID). Occupation: Wholesale Hardware. Military Service: Captain, Adjutant, Major, PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Capt. [H. W.] Nevin [Niven] and [G.] Trigg[s] wounded,” 2:2 Jun ’16; “Hear [H. W.] Nevin [Niven] got D.S.O,” 3:29 Jul ’16; “This evening [H. W] Niven (Major) told us goodbye as he is going to brigade staff or something of the sort. Hate to part with the little fellow. Very decent officer,” 3:11 Sep ’16; “Will write Major [H. W.] Nevin and Lt. [C. R.] Hopper also for one [a commission] and then we’ll see what can be done,”4:22 Dec ’16; “He informed me that already there was an application of sort in for me. Expect that this is from Major [H. W.] Niven,” 5:24 May ’17; “Major [H. W.] Nevin had gone down to Ferfay about 7 kilos further, so could not see him,” 5: 7 Aug ’17. According to Hodder-Williams, 86, Maj. Niven was wounded 19 March 1915 and on 2 June 1916. He was struck off strength on 26 November 1917.