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Edwin McCutcheon


McCutcheon, Edwin, Listowel, Ontario. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 727224, 110th Bn., 58th Bn. (Central Ontario Regiment) Attestation Papers. Possible, although unlikely, Diary References: “Also found paper of man named McCutcheon. Will send on to his mother,” 6:16 Aug ’18; “Wrote letters to Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. McCutcheon,’ 6:22 Aug ’18. This identification is unlikely, but is included here to honour all soldiers named McCutcheon, who served in World War I. In all likelihood, when Frank walked through the battlefield where the British Lancashire and Royal Scots Fusiliers had fought two to three days previously, he came across a dead British soldier and took his papers, so that he could write the young man’s mother about her son’s death. This seems the most likely, particularly because no Canadian named McCutcheon stands out clearly as a possibility. There was no McCutcheon listed among the PPCLI soldiers in Hodder-Williams, and the only McCutcheon death in August recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission was Edwin McCutcheon on August 27. B. McCutcheon, Reg. No. 226606, Canadian Engineers, died 6 September 1918, C. L. McCutcheon, Reg. No. 1261955, Canadian Garrison Artillery, died 11 October 1918, and G. F. McCutcheon, Reg. No. 1018120, Saskatchewan Regiment, died 20 December 1918. Any one of these men could have died from wounds sustained in August 1918. Since his death occurred in August, Edwin has been chosen to represent the clan.

Date of Death: 27 August 1918. See casualty details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Memorialised at the Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France.


Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France.


Vimy Memorial