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Victor Roy "Vic" Lapp


Lapp, Victor “Vic” Roy, enlisted at Montreal, Quebec, formerly from Cobourg, Ontario. Occupation: Student. Military Service: Reg. No. 382, probably with the 3rd Canadian General Hospital. Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Met Victor Lapp this afternoon. He was at Montreal when I was there, also at St. Martin’s Plain,” 2:1 May ’16; “Vic [Lapp] came over today. He is dispensing pills to a battery in the 1st Brigade,” 2:2 May ’16; “Went over to Vic [Lapp] ’s place. He expects to go on pass soon. Invited him to go and visit Aunt and Uncle in London,” 2:3 May ’16; “Letter from Vic [Lapp] (later missing) dated June 2nd. Afraid to accept invitation to Aldine St. Says he is shy. Wrote him tonight,” 3:13 Jun ’16; “Went for a walk in the evening and found Vic [Lapp]. He is a full corporal now,” 3:11 Jul ’16; “Met Vic [Lapp] again. Had coffee and eggs in a Belgian dive,” 3:12 Jul ’16. There is no record of Victor Lapp at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. If he were missing, as Frank wrote on 13 Jun 1916, he may have become a prisoner of war.