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James N. Edgar


Edgar, James N., enlisted in Ottawa, Ontario, originally of Hartlepool, Durham, England. Medals/Honours: Military Cross (MC) and Bar. Occupation: Fireman. Military Service: Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain (Acting Major), Reg. No. 507, PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “Sergts. Louis Robertson, [D.] McLean, [J.N.] Edgar and some others are getting commissions in the regiment,” 3:20 Jun ’16. According to Hodder-Williams, 77, Capt. Edgar was wounded 22 February 1915, 8 May 1915, and accidentally on 22 August 1916. Major Edgar was struck off strength at demobilisation on 20 March 1919.

Additional Biographical Information:

15 April 1918: Lieut G. W. Guiou M.C. to be acting Capt. Vice Temp/Cap J. N. Edgar (To Hospital) 11/3/18. PPCLI War Diary, 15 April 1918.

1-12 Dec 1918: The Military Cross was awarded to the following officers – Capt J. N. Edgar … for gallant conduct in the Cambrai battle at the end of September 1918. PPCLI War Diary, 1-23 Dec 1918.

7 January 1919: Capt. J. N. Edgar M.C. awarded Bar to Military Cross. PPCLI War Diary, 7 January 1919.