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Bert Eastman


Eastman, Bert, Humboldt, Saskatchewan, originally of Tamy Co., Iowa, U.S.A. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Private:  Reg. No. 267464, 214th Overseas Bn., transferred to 15th Reserve Bn., transferred to Royal Canadian Regiment, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Eastman of the R.C.R.’s and I made a raid on a canteen,” 6:27/28 Feb ’18; “Eastman is carrying on while I am away,” 6:13 Mar ’18; “Eastman and I have tonight a roulette wheel,” 6:May-23 Jun ’18; “later learned that Eastman had been killed also Johnston [Johnstone] of the RCR,” 6: 7 Aug ’18.

Date of Death: 8 August 1918. See casualty details, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Memorialised at the Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France.


Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France.


Vimy Memorial