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J. Davey


Davey, J, enlisted at Ottawa, Ontario, originally from Colne, Lancashire, England. Occupation: Cook. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 683, PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Diary References: “In dugout with [G.] Neil [Neale], [J.] Davey, [R.H.] Bernard,” 2:24 Feb ’16; “Am with [J.] Davey and we have to hang around the barn where we sleep so as to be immediately available in case there is a message to send to our O.C. Co [Officer in charge of the Company],” 3:14 Jun ’16; “[J.] Davey and I are staying at Hdq,” 3:26 Jun ’16. According to Hodder-Williams, 154, Pte. J. Davey was not wounded during the war, and transferred to the Canadian Labour Pool, 27 July 1918.

The above entries could not refer to Pte. E. W. Davey, Reg. No. McGill 176, 2nd University Co., PPCLI, because he did not arrive in the field until 24 April 1917 (see Hodder-Williams, 154). Pte. J. M. Davey, Reg. No. 475815, 3rd University Co. only arrived 19 March 1916 and was wounded 2 Jun 1916 at Sanctuary Wood. However, if his wounds were slight and he was placed on light duty in June along with Frank, the diary entries of June 14 and 26 could apply to him. They could also apply to Pte. M. L. Davey, Reg. No. 447976, who arrived from the 56th Bn. on 10 June 1916.