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Lt. Melville "Slim" Allan


Allan, Lt. Melville “Slim”, enlisted in Ottawa, Ontario, originally of Southampton, England. Medals/Honours: Military Medal (MM), Mentioned in Dispatches (MID). Occupation: Electrician. M.M., Mentioned in Dispatches. Military Service: Private, Regimental Sergeant Major, Lieutenant, Reg. No. 1742, PPCLI, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “By the way, Slim Allen [Allan] and Flicker Havelock have been awarded the M.C. and M.M. respectively. It is an out and out scandal neither of them have even seen a trench. Their little shell dodging adventures on the roads once in a while being nothing to what even the pack corps does every night let alone what the men in the trenches do,” 5:5 Jun ’17; ““Slim” pulled a dirty one over me tonight. I managed to load with 4 Co. rations – top of the Ridge – and he ordered another man to take the load. I then had to take No. 1 rations going to the aeroplane by the Vimy Station about three miles further and through shell fire. Even if he had intended sending me back empty it was a dirty trick anyway as it was not fair on the other lads. There is no excuse for him either way,” 5:7 Jun ’17; “7th Brigade pack mules sent back to Regiment,” 6:10 Jul ’18; “Having a rotten time polishing steel and being dogged around by Slim Allan,” 6:15 Jul ’18; ”Even the sweet Slim Allan shook hands. I hated to do it but the Padre seemed to expect it so I weakened and gave him a limp paw which I hope will be a little more tense the next time he feels it,” 7:30 Nov ’18. According to Hodder-Williams, 73, Lt. Allan was struck off strength on 20 March 1919.

Additional Biographical Information

PPCLI War Diary, 15 June 1916: “#1742 A/R S.M. [Acting Regimental Sergeant Major] M Allan and #1150 Sgt. J. Dickie have been awarded the Military Medal.”

PPCLI War Diary: 1 July 1916: “Extract from the London Gazette of 2nd June 1916 – His Majesty the King has been pleased to approve of the undermentioned rewards for distinguished service in the field prior to 1st June 1916 … Military Medals 1742 Sergt M. Allan …”