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Gilbert Harold Scriven


Scriven, Gilbert Harold. Military Service: Trooper, 1st Hussars, 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment, shot to death at close range on 11 June 1944 at the first aid post attached to Siebken’s 2nd Battalion headquarters at Le Mesnil-Patry by unknown 12th SS troopers or officers, probably of the 2nd Panzer Grenadier Battalion, commanded by Major Bernhard Siebken. The 2nd Bn. was part of the 26th Panzer Regiment, commanded by SS Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm Mohnke, which was in turn part of the 12th SS Panzer Division, “Hitler Youth”. See PRU, File 42-17996 and Conduct Unbecoming, 115.

Additional Biographical Information: See Canadian War Graves Commission. Buried at Beny-sur Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Reviers, France. Grave Reference: XII.H.1.