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Reginald Donald Barker


Barker, Reginald Donald, Toronto, Ontario. Military Service: Lieutenant, 3rd Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, murdered by SS troopers and military police on 8 June 1944 in a field just north of the Caen-Fontenay road at the order of SS Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm Mohnke, Commander, 26th Panzer Regiment, 12th SS Panzer Division, “Hitler Youth”. See PRU, File 04-40918 and Conduct Unbecoming, 90-94.

Additional Biographical Information:

Date of Death: 8 June 1944. For casualty details, see Canadian War Graves Commission. Buried at Beny-sur Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Reviers, France. Grave Reference: XIII.F.16.

Beny Sur Mer Canadian War Cemetery


Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery