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Charles William Locke


Locke, Charles William, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Class of ’20 (B.S.A.). Military Service: Reg. No. 910072, 196th Univ. Bn. Attestation Papers.

Additional Biographical Information:

Student at Manitoba Agricultural College, 1st Year, Five Year Degree Programme, Successful.

Undergraduate, C. W. Locke, 911072 [sic – should be 910072], 196th Univ. Batt.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 8.

Queen Mary’s Military Hospital
Whalley, Lancashire, Eng.

Dear Editor:

In one of your issues last year, I saw a short note saying that you would appreciate a line from me for publication. You didn’t know whether it was my natural modesty that kept me from writing. Well, hardly that, but it’s just lack of thought. I really feel ashamed that I have not written before, but I’ll do better in the future.

I was in France only four months doing base duty. I was billeted about four miles behind the line, near Lens, where most of our boys have been. I saw quite a number of the M.A.C. boys at different times, and heard with regret the casualties that had been inflicted on the W.U.B.

I went to hospital nearly 8 weeks ago suffering from gastritis. After passing through different dressing stations and an American hospital at Camiers, I was sent over here on October 7. I am glad to say I am feeling very much better, but it is a complaint that takes a long time to cure, as I can only take a light diet yet. I expect to be here about two weeks more, then I shall be sent to the Canadian convalescent hospital for a few weeks before being sent back to the depot at Bramshott. The hospital here is one of the largest in England, having accommodation for over three thousand beds, and I can say that in every hospital I have been, I have been treated splendidly. The last M.A.C. boy whom I saw in France was Frank Laughland. I happened to meet him at a Sunday evening service in a “Y” hut, and he, like all the rest, was looking fit and well.

My thoughts often go back to St. Vital, the scene of many good times, and I hope that before another college year commences, that those who are coming back will be amongst you again.

I must thank you kindly for the parcel I received as dividend from the co-operative society. I am sure the store is doing fine, and I hope it will continue to do so.

I have not very much news here, for we are in the country, about seven miles from the nearest town, so must close, wishing the “Managra” a huge success during the ensuing year. I might say that I am looking forward to receiving a Managra.

If any of the students care to write to me personally, I will be only too pleased to answer any letters I receive. As I don’t know where I shall be, any letters addressed to III, Tennyson Place, Bradford, Yorks, will be forwarded on. Wishing you all success in your exams, and also wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year, I remain,

Your sincerely,
910072 Pte. C. W. Locke
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Feb. 1918), 42-43.