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Robert Milton "Roy" Hopper

R.M. Hopper, 1914
R.M. Hopper, M.A.C. Class of 1921


Hopper, Robert “Roy” Milton, Newdale, Manitoba, Class of ’17. B.S.A. (1921). Graduation delayed by WWI. Military Service: Lieutenant, Reg. No. 910014, 196th Univ. Bn. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “Letters from [C.R. or R.M.] Hopper, Miss Spackman, Mrs. Pulman, home,” 2:28 Dec ’15; “Wrote to [C.R. or R.M.] Hopper, Miss Spackman, Hilda A.R., Frank Bingham and Mrs. Pulman,” 2:2 Jan ’16; “Letter from [C.R. or R.M.] Hopper. Wrote an answer,” 2:15 Apr ’16; “Doug Smith and [R.M] Hopper are out here somewhere as officers,” 5:12 Jun ’17.

Additional Biographical Information:

Robert Milton Hopper was a brother of Clark Reid Hopper.

Undergraduate, Roy M. Hopper, 910014, 196th Univ. Batt.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 8.