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Wilbert G. "Bert" Bolton

W.G. Bolton, ca. 1914-15


Bolton, Wilbert G., Darlingford, Manitoba, Class of ’17 (B.S.A.). Military Service: Corporal, Reg. No. 186026, 90th Bn. (Winnipeg Rifles) Attestation Papers.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, W. G. Bolton, 90th Batt. (Killed).
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 7.

Bert Bolton. “A good deed is never lost. He, who sows courtesy, reaps friendship and he, who plants kindness, gathers love,” and so it was with Bert Bolton.

It was with Oh! Such grief that we learned of the death of Bert Bolton, a boy who when at the M.A.C. was ever bright and cheery, and we students, who knew him, cannot say too much for his true worth.

Bert’s home was at Darlingford. He first registered in M.A.C. in the fall of 1912 and with this class he clung till he enlisted with the 90th during the winter of 1916-17.

In our college library there hangs the pictures of two Intercollegiate championship football teams and among the well-known faces there is that of Bert Bolton.

Not only in college did Bert prove his true worth, for what more can any man do than lay down his life for his country. We as a student body at M.A.C. extend to those who mourn his loss most deeply our truest and sincerest sympathy.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov. 1917), 4.

Bolton, Wilbert G: Agric ’17; Enlisted 1915: Pte. 90th Bn.; Cpl.; Transferred to 78th Bn.; Service in France; Killed in Action 9-4-17. (Plate A).
University of Manitoba, Roll of Honour, 1914-1918 (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 1923), 17.

Date of death: 4 September 1917. See casualty details, Canadian War Graves Commission. Memorialised at Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France.


Vimy Memorial, Vimy, Pas de Calais, France


Vimy Memorial