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Roy Allan Arnott


Arnott, Roy Allan, Hyder, Manitoba, Class of ’18 (B.S.A.). Military Service: Lieutenant, Reg. No. 910154, 196th University Bn., 232nd Bn., transferred to Royal Flying Corps, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “Campaign meeting tonight. [Roy A.] Arnott vs. [F.] Laughland for President of our year,” 1:7 Jan ’15; “Arnott in as President,” 1:8 Jan ‘15.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, Roy Arnott, 910154, C Co., 232nd Batt., C.E.F.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 7.

Roy Arnott, who has just returned from overseas, paid us a short visit; he is fairly mirthful, but has not completely regained himself. Roy transferred to the R.A.F. and while taking photographs over the German lines was hit in the right arm by an explosive bullet and forced to land. He then spent about three months in a German hospital as a prisoner of war. His arm sorry to say is not very good, he however is hopeful of it gaining more strength.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XIII, No. 1 (Nov. 1919), 42.

Arnott, Roy Allan: Agric ’18, enlisted 1916; Pte. 196th Bn.; Transferred to 232nd Bn. with rank of Sgt.; Transferred to R.F.C.[Royal Flying Corps]; Lieut.; Service in France; Wounded and taken prisoner 11-7-18; Returned to Winnipeg 2-8-19.
University of Manitoba, Roll of Honour 1914-1918 (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 1923), 43.