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Guy Roderick Turner


Turner, Guy Roderick, Aroostook Junction, N.B., formerly Four Falls, N.B. Awards/Honours: Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal. Occupation: Civil Engineer. Military Service: Captain, Major, Reg. No. 45006, 1st Bn. Canadian Engineer, Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “We have a rotten Captain in B. Cy of the Batt, Turner by name. He charged his brother (a sergeant) with not saluting him. Some rotten character alright,” 25 Jun ’18.

Additional Biographical Information:

5 May 1918: (Etrun) “Captain G.R. Turner, M.C., D.C.M., completed arrangements for the loading of the Transport preparatory to the move in the morning.” Houvin-Houvigneuil, 7 May 1918, “Captain Turner made a reconnaissance of the Area with a view to locating a more suitable Watering-Point for the horses, but this proved unsuccessful.” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, May 1918, p. 4.

15 May 1918: (Houvin-Houvigneuil) “Captain Turner being Officer in charge of Transport has concentrated on the bringing of the Company up to establishment in technical equipment, improving the appearance (wherever possible) of the Transport and Horses.” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, May 1918, p. 7.

26 May 1918: (Gauchin Legal) “Captain Turner O.C. of the Company during Major Rolston’s absence in the Forward area, in conjunction with Capt. R.H. Neilson commenced arrangements for the forming of the 1st Canadian Engineer Battalion which is to take place on the 28th of this month.” War Diary of the 1st Battalion Canadian Engineer, May 1918, p. 11.

28 May 1918: Nominal Roll … Transferred to the 1st C. E. Battalion and posted to “B” Company – Capt. G.R. Turner, M.C., D.C.M. O.C. War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, June 1918, Appendix 2A, p.12.